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Forget Me Not Florist


founded in 1995 by Maggie Wan.

This is a flower shop can give you

a elegant and harmonious.

Maggie also is a First grade certify teacher of


Oriental floral design Ikebana (Sogetsu),

A famous Japanese floral design.

Provide the freshest and best value products

in a fancy design for your special moments.


Let the floral design touch your life

and the people around you

 HK Style Mix Bouquet   
(HK 001)

$ 160.00
HK Style Mix Bouquet (HK 001)
HK 009_edited.jpg
White Lilies and Red Rose
  in Hong Kong Style Wrapping
(HK 009)

$ 110.00
I Love You ever forever
  in Hong Kong Style Wrapping
(HK 019)

$ 230.00
Perfect Dozen with Chocolate
  in Hong Kong Style Wrapping
(HK 016)

$ 180.00
          Lovely Red (HK 013)
One doz. red Rose
Hong Kong Style Wrapping

$ 110.00
French Outstanding
  in Hong Kong Style Wrapping (HK 006)
$ 280.00
One dozen Imported Pink Rose wraps with wax flowers, million stars and heart shaped design
One doz. Imported Pink Rose
with Heart shapes accessory 

(HK 006)

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